9 Jan / 2020

Road Safety by Jamie

Hi my name is Jamie and I am doing a blog on road safety in Ireland.

Road safety in Ireland is pretty bad in my opinion. In years to come when (hopefully) the world will be better developed the people will be thinking why we had bicycles mixing with metal cars, it’s bonkers if you ask me. If a car is turning to the left and a cyclist is going forward beside it the driver can’t see the cyclist and they both go boom. When its night time it’s even worse. It’s dark so the driver can’t see as clear and he could drift into a cyclist.

How I think it should be fixed

I think Dublin City Council should get a ledge high enough to separate the cyclist from the cars so less accidents happen and more bikes out on the road and less cars. For the pedestrians I think if they are walking with a dog or walking to get something some milk at night they should where a high Vis so they when they are crossing the road the driver can see them clearly.

In conclusion there should be more ledges on bicycle lanes in Ireland to keep cyclists in this country safe forever.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and I hope you understand what I mean to make a safer Ireland.

This is our tier list of the smash bros ultimate (we each did a half the characters).

What is a tier list – how does it work?

A tier list is a way of showing how good you think things are on a certain topic.  We have chosen one of our favourite games, Smash Bros. Smash bros has many different characters that need to be ranked, so we did just that.

Different Characters from most Nintendo games come to battle out in Smash Bros, and we are here to tell you who to pick. 

There are different tiers in a tier list with the best being S tier, and the worst being F tier.

To do a tier list you have to have a lot of pictures on a topic and rank them on a blank tier list.

By the way we are not rating DLC characters because we have not played them.

Aidan’s Tier List
Michael’s Tier List

21 Nov / 2019

Mario Legacy by Milo

Hi! I’m Milo and my blog today will be about the Mario legacy. Mario first came out in 1981. He is shown to be a carpenter and has a pet ape called Donkey Kong or more commonly known as DK. Now onto the relatives.

Mario’s Relatives

Mario’s brother is Luigi and both Mario and Luigi’s dad is Jumpman. Other characters in Mario is the following here à Princess Peach, Yoshi (Yoshi is a weird dinosaur lizard thing) Bowser (another weird dragon lizard thing) Wario, Toad (a weird small person with a mushroom on his head) and Waluigi (Waluigi is Wario’s Brother). Luigi’s wife is princess Daisy. (also Wario is an Evil version of Mario) Now I will explain Mario’s powerup’s (There’s a lot so I will only name a few)

      The powerup’s include

  • Red mushrooms makes him grow, tiny blue makes him well tiny, green gives him an extra life, a mushroom with a propeller makes Mario go into a red suit and he can fly into the air and slowly fall back down, giant orange and red mushrooms makes Mario giant and can destroy ANYTHING in Mario’s way. ANYTHING. Now onto the enemies.

These enemies include

  • (note there’s a lot so again I’m only noting a few) Bob-omb, goomba, bowser, Boo, Bigger Boo, Bullet bill , Koopa,

And that is the end of my blog. All in all I think in my opinion that Mario is a great game (sorry in advance I couldn’t name the games there are so many It would take up probably an entire 2 pages) I hope you enjoyed my blog I think the characters are awesome what do you think?

I hope you enjoyed. Bye!

By Rian and James

Hi my name is Rian and I’m here with my friend James and we are here to tell you is which is better Dc or marvel not movies   only comics  heroes and villains.

1. The flash or quick silver

So you properly say the flash and you are correct. He is so fast he can go back in time and can phase trough buildings and people. He is the strongest hero in DC universe. Quicksilver is not nearly as fast as the flash or as good of a fighter.

2. Green Arrow or Hawkeye

Green Arrow is a rich dude that have been thought by Deathstroke a master tactician that as beaten the justice league with ease. He can hit a man from three buildings. Hawkeye is an amazing archer but fighting wise Green Arrow has the edge. But in my opinion Hawkeye is better because Green Arrow has trouble trusting people that often leads him to be by himself.       

3. Thanos or Darkseid.

Darkseid have a bigger army and he is more durability more strength and more experience (Darkseid is over 200,000 years old while Thanos is only 1000 years old) Thanos has an army is called the chitauri. The chitauri have a staff that they can shoot from and they can also use them as a mellee for close combat. So in my opinion Darkseid would win in a battel   

4. Green Goblin or Lex Leathor.

Green Goblin is a Halloween themed villain he has pumpkin bombs and a hoverbord in the shape of a bat and the hoverbord has machineguns. Lex Leathor is the main villain to superman Lex Leather has beaten superman before and even killed him he is a rich billion who has made team of the worst villains  in DC history. In my opinion Lex Leathor would win in a battle.


21 Nov / 2019

Arcade Games by John

Hi, Hallo, Bonjour, 你好, Hola, Ciao my name is John and I love arcade games in this article I’ll tell you about some of the greatest arcade games of all time so here’s my list

  • Pacman (1980)
  • Space Invaders  (1978)
  • Street Fighters 2 (1991)
  • Galaga (1981)
  • Centipede (1980)
  • Asteroids (1979)
  • Donkey Kong  (1981)
  • Ms. Pacman (1981)
  • Pong (1972)
  • Defender (1981)
  • Q*bert (1982)
  • Street Fighter (1987
  • Tetris (1984)
  • Mario Bros (1983)
  • Frogger (1981)
  • Donkey Kong Jr. (1982)
  • Breakout (1976)
  • Lunar Lander (1979)


One of the most famous games is pacman made by Namco. One of the famous levels in pacman would be level 256 where a bug can appear and ruin your game which is really annoying in fact it is so annoying they made app called PAC 256. There is a perfect level in the original pacman, level 3,333,360.  

Space Invaders

Space Invaders was one of the original arcade games being released in 1978 with an Atari platform and a genre of fixed shooter. While most arcade games are single player there is a 2 player altering.

Donkey Kong

I wouldn’t get away with writing an article about arcade games without talking about Donkey Kong it has to go up with all the arcade greats with its tones of platforms and Genre it’s probably the best or one of the best.

In my opinion Pacman is hard to beat but others do come close. How about you? So for now goodbye, Arrivederci, Sayonara, Adios, Auf Wiedersehen.

21 Nov / 2019

Bread by Eva and Ada

 Hi we are Eva and Ada and we are doing a blog on bread.                           

According to history, the earliest bread was made around 8000 BC in Egypt. It is one of UKs favourite food, 99 % of households buy it. Nearly twelve million loaves are sold each day. Quora in Turkey eats the most bread.

Beer is liquid bread. Bread is alive it is breathing with valiant communities of yeast and bacteria.

The different types of bread are:

Pizza  ,  Banana bread , toast ,

Ciabatta , whole wheat bread ,

Pita , brioche and more

Bread is really nice. Our personal favourite breads are banana bread and pizza. We think that pumpernickel bread is not nice. You can by bread in most shops banana bread was originally made in America. Pizza comes from Italy. Pizza can have different types of toppings but it usually has tomato and cheese on it.

Hi my name Leo and I am in 6th class, and in this blog I will be talking about why it is an exciting time to be a Chelsea fan.

The transfer ban: Sadly, According to FIFA, the ban is being forced upon Chelsea because the club had broken the rules relating to the international transfer and the signing of players under the age of 18.They will not be allowed to sign players until January 2020.

The young players:  This is the whole reason this will be a great season for Chelsea. It is amazing to see all of the young players being started and there are some great talents including, Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham, Fikayo Tomori, Reece James, Christian Pulisic,  Andreas Christensen, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Ruben Loftus-Cheek. All of these players will defiantly be great in the future.

The season so far: Currently the season has been a huge success with Chelsea coming in third place just behind Leicester City on goal difference. The young players have had a great season so far with lots of them really shinning. Tammy Abraham is second in the top goal scorers list with him having 10 goals, and right now Christian Pulisic is on great form with 5 goals in 3 games. Chelsea are currently the only team in the Premier League to have won their last five games.

My opinion: In my opinion Chelsea is a great club to be supporting right now. The one thing I am very excited about is the future of the club. Do you agree?       

21 Nov / 2019

Samsung S10 by Colemán

My name is Colman and I am going to review the brand new Samsung galaxy s10 plus and tell you about all the specs. The Samsung galaxy screen size is 162.5mm. The phone was released on March 2019. If you want to turn the phone on you simply touch the screen. This phone has a full kit of lenses built into the phone. You can capture the wider world with 123 degree field vision. Power is yours to share wireless power share gives you the ability to share your power with other devices and gets other devices to a 100 percent charged faster. The performance on the Samsung galaxy s10 plus is great the battery on it is great it can last even your most demanding days. It only takes one hour to charge. There is a wireless charging pad which charges faster than any other Samsung galaxy phones. The Samsung galaxy s10 plus has a hybrid sim gives you the flexibility of two numbers you can use two data plans. Share faster and stay connected even in a crowd, you can still hit high speeds in no internet area. It is water and dust resistant.

So in my opinion I would definitely get this phone

Conor Murray

For a good while Conor Murray was widely regarded as the best scrum half in the world.

He is the Munster captain.

His partnership with Johnny Sexton in The Irish team was legendary. However both players are getting old with Murray age 30 and Sexton age 34.

In 2018 Murray was instrumental in Ireland’s Grand Slam win. However this year he has not played well.

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith is possibly the greatest scrum half of all time. The New Zealand number 9 is still smashing it at almost 31.

He scored 2 tries against Ireland and while I am unhappy about that I still think he played amazingly.

He plays for the Highlanders.

His halfback partner for the All blacks is usually Beauden Barret or Richie Mo’unga. Barret won the 2016-17 player of the year award.

He helped New Zealand win the 2015 World Cup.

Francois Faf De Klerk

Faf De Klerk nicknamed the “The Giant Slayer” and “the miny Hercules” is in my opinion the best scrum half in the world at the moment.

The Sale Sharks and South Africa player was incredible at the World Cup in 2019 helping South Africa to win the whole thing beating England 32-12.

He is the youngest of the three at just 28 years old. He still has a very bright future ahead of him. His half back partner for South Africa is Handre Pollard.

In my opinion he is brilliant.

So to conclude my article I will give my opinion on who is the best. My personal choice is Faf De Klerk. Who is yours?


  1. Line Kicking… When it comes to line kicking the aim is to get the ball from the penalty spot wherever that is then you try to kick the ball from there to touch on the sideline. In my opinion line kicking is an easily mastered but difficulty executed because of the pressure from the fans, pack and manager.professional-grade-rugby-kicking-tee


  1. Goal kicking… When it comes to goal kicking there are two techniques the old more traditional way with flat tee used by Sir Johnny Wilkinson, Dan Carter, Johnny Sexton and Leigh Halfpenny and the newer more popular way the extendable tee used by the likes of Owen Farrell, Beauden Barrett, Joey Carbery and Handre Pollard goal kicking is in my opinion a very hard skill to perfect but when mastered is very effective.


  1. Drop Goals… The Drop Goal is a very hard technique to master because it’s all about timing you must drop the ball let it bounce slightly then make contact with the ball at perfect time to make it sail over the bar it is a lovely skill to have and very helpful in the long run.


  1. Grubber Kick … The grubber kick is less of a tactical kick and more of a skill move to beat a defender you kick it into the ground and let it topple over itself until it bounces up to you in my opinion it’s a nice kill to have but unnecessary.


  1. Spiral Kick … The Spiral kick is a kick where you kick with the outside of the boot into the air to when it bounces it topples over itself ( like a grubber )


  1. The chip… The chip is more of a well-executed plan then a tactical kick all you have to do is kick it over a defender.


  1. Place kicking v.2… To execute a good kick u must point the seam towards the post mark a run up, visualize getting the kick, stay upright, set the ball, follow through and finish two or three step in front of the tee.