5 Nov / 2020

US Election By Sean – 5th Form

The US presidential election is different from other elections because they do it in a special way. To prevent California from winning the election every time due to its dense population. So when the first election was running president George Washington decided to make each state have a certain amount of electoral votes. An election is usually held every four years. If there is an argument there may be another election soon. The maximum time that a president can be is 2 terms (8 years.) Donald Trump has currently been president for 4 years but if he wins this election he will go in for another term.

So far the election is looking good for Biden as he is ahead in electoral points and he is on the way to get some other states. To win a US election you need 270 points. Not all countries do this but some countries do it similar such as Britain and Ireland. America’s election is the most popular in the world as it is documented by lots of news stations such as CNN, Fox News, BBC and Me!  Before Donald Trump was president he was already very rich. He owned lots of hotels and golf courses. Joe Biden grew up in Pennsylvania and lived on a farm for most of his childhood. Biden had a lot of experience with politics as he has a bachelor’s degree in the University Of Delaware and he also has a law degree in Syracuse University.

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