6 May / 2020

Drums by Paul – 6th Form

What are they?

Drums are a percussion instrument that are divided up in symbols, toms and other essential parts.Drums are an essential instrument for timing as well as the bass.Drums are usually 

My favourite drummers

Pete parada-offspring

Tre Cool(frank edward WrightIII)- Green Day   

Lars Ulrich-Metallica

Phil collins-Genesis

The parts

On the drum kits where there is everything, there are 4 toms, 4 symbols, 2 basses and a snare. Some drummers(neil peart) have a 360 kit which is almost impossible to play(almost)

Some also have extra toms, cowbells and launchpads( no it is also called a sound pad).

Last thing

Guitar and piano play with the time, drums and bass are the time and singers almost definitely mess up

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