29 Apr / 2020

Coronavirus by Colman 6th Form

Hi my name is Colman and I am going to tell you about the coronavirus or covid 19 It has just skyrocketed in the last month  or two and the economys have  just crashed.

The Coronavirus is a disease that affects your lungs and respiratory system  

The symptoms 


Loss of appetite


Loss of smell

Shortness of breath 


Muscle aches and pains 

The virus  survives on a surface for about seventh two hours so if a non infected person was wearing gloves and a mask and touched it.they would have to get rid of the gloves and mask and make sure no one touches them for 72 hours this will help slow the spread of the virus and everything will get back to normal soon if you follow the HSE guidelines. 

The details show that an uncovered cough can travel up to eight point two meters or twenty seven feet.So that is why the Hse wants to say that if you are covering your cough you are shortening that distance of the cough.The virus is usually spread through cough and sneeze droplets.This deadly virus is most contagious in the first 3 days after the onset of symptoms,although spread is possible before symptoms appear and it is also very easily caught in the final days.the best prevention measures are to keep the metres from everyone,washing your hands for 20 seconds and washing them frequently. The best way to prevent the virus is by sneezing and coughing into a tissue is better than anything else but if there’s no tissue available do it to the inside of your elbow.When you are going to the supermarket wear a face mask  and gloves and when you get back leave them somewhere no one will touch them and use hand sanitizer and wash hands for 20 seconds this the best way to slow down this virus.

On one of Donald’s Trump’s latest press conferences he said he would try  by injecting  disinfect into human body’s to try and find a cure for the covid 19.He has been highly criticized for this comment and he said he won’t hold  another daily conference. From this comment the companies that create disinfected said  this product is not for improper use which is so right from them.

In Ireland there is a shortage of ppe which means the coronavirus is beating us and that means the curve we have been flatting which will just go back to the old graph and we will be stuck to our houses for a while longer.Well on the plus side Pilots from Aer Lingus are flying Doctors in from China which will help the country so much because they have been at the pits of this virus. 

Stay safe and the follow the guidelines from the HSE

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