27 Apr / 2020

Was star wars episode IX good (spoilers) By John 6th Form

What is said to be the final addition to the Star Wars saga was released in December 2019, which leaves the question “was it a good way to end the saga?”. (If you don’t want spoilers just go straight to the bottom for review)

(Final spoiler alert). The film started with the return of Emperor Palpitine, however this was anticipated through the trailer. There was a comic scene which showed that the Sith had found ways of cloning themselves which was a nice nod to the comic book world. He was on the Sith world of Exibar with a fleet he regards as the Final Order. The only way to find the planet was by using a Sith way finder. So most of the movie was based on the good guys finding the way finder.

In the meantime the good guys clashed a bit with Kylo Ren, they meet an older version of Lando, a bit of Poe’s backstory was revealed, Chewie almost died and Rey discovers a horrible truth about her family. Either way they all met up on Exibar for one battle. Almost every ship from the entire Star Wars Universe was there (even the ghost from star wars rebels). There was an emotional moment when a beaten Rey was defeated by Palpitine and she heard the voices of all the Jedi who’ve gotten a moment on the big screen over the entire saga.  Which urged her to continue fighting. We also got to see that Princess Leia was on her way to becoming a Jedi. It was good to see her on the big screen one last time.

86% of people who watched gave it above 3 stars which is good for a movie with such high expectations. Either I think we’d all love another movie soon however it seems hard to continue the saga from where they left it. It would also be nice to see another side story like Han Solo, a lot of fans think a movie about Boba Fett would be good but I think a Kenobi movie would be even better.

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