27 Apr / 2020

Bass By Myles – 6th Form


Bass is an amazing instrument with a low octave range giving it a deep sound.The bassist and the drummer make up the rhythm section keeping the beat for the band. They  must have a good rapport or else the rhythm section will be out of time or won’t sound as nice.

Great Bassists:

There are many great bassists out there but one cannot say who is the best as they all play different styles of music. So a jazz bassist might be technically more advanced than a Death metal bassist but the jazz bassist has been trained for jazz so they will not be as good at playing loud and fast. Anyway my favourite bassists would be:

  1. Greg Kriesel:The Offspring – Pop Rock
  2. Mike Kroeger:Nickelback – Hard rock
  3. Bruno Stapenhill:Judas Priest – Heavy metal.
  4. Geddy Lee:Rush – Proggresive Rock 

Construction of the Bass   

The bass has 4 strings each with different tones their names are the:

  1. E string, which has the lowest octave
  2. A string, which sounds great in my opinion
  3. D string, this string is great when you’re composing as you can put in the mix and it will brighten the mood of the song.
  4. G string, this string has the highest octave.

    There is a mnemonic for the strings:

    Every alsatian dog grunts.

The bass consists of:

  •     Fretboard
  •     Pickup
  •     Neck
  •     Head
  •     Body
  •     Jack
  •     Tuning pegs
  •     Volume knob
  •     Tone knob
  •     And sometimes a strap.

Bass Brands:






James Miller.


I personally love the bass as it sounds amazing and looks great. I am not sure what other people think but I love the bass!

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