24 Apr / 2020

April Fool’s Day by Eimhinn 5th Form

It was the strangest (scariest) April Fool’s Day

I was waiting all year for this special day and no it’s not my Birthday, or Christmas, even though those are great days. And if you know me, you would know what day I am talking about.

But let me introduce myself. I am Rafeal. I am 11 years old. I like to draw, cook and socialize with people. My parents call me a social butterfly but if I could be any animal I would be a bird because it makes me feel free. And if I could be any bird, I would choose to be a Budgerigar because it makes me feel young and funky. 

Oh yeah, the day I am talking about is April Fool’s Day. You are probably a amatuer at pranks. But I am an expert and I learnt from the best of the best, my older brother Dan (he is 14). We are completely different. And the only thing we have in common is pranks. It’s like our thing. Everyday we try to prank each other.

Every year Dan and I decide a theme. Dan and I decided on scary as the theme for this April Fool’s. While I was planning the first prank I heard the front door creak open. I walked down the stairs slowly and cautiously. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I peered across the hallway. I saw that the door was closed.

Suddenly I felt afraid, alone. So I went to look for my parents. I went into the living room and there I saw my parents,  silently staring at the TV that was turned off. While I tiptoed into the room behind them, they said ”Oh, hello there Rafeal”. I replied confusingly “How did you know I was here”. They slowly turned around and didn’t reply.

They were both staring into my eyes. Suddenly their eyes turned red. I dashed and leaped like a frog for my life up the stairs and straight into Dan’s room. I was panting while trying to explain to him that something was wrong with Mom and Dad. Of course he didn’t believe me, because he thought that it was a prank. I would do the same, if I had to be honest.

When he finally got off his phone, came downstairs and entered the living room, my Mom said “Good morning Sweetie” and my Dad asked if I had brushed my teeth (And of course I hadn’t). I stood there lost, confused, shocked and Dan rubbed it in my face and said ”One point to Dan”.

At that moment I was so annoyed. Dan turned around and walked back upstairs. My Mom asked me to go to the shop. She handed me the money. 

I know it’s crazy but while I was holding the money I thought it was cursed, since my Mom touched it.

When I entered the shop I realized that it was completely empty. There was an echo in it.

I jogged all the way back home and guess what?. When I got back the house was empty too. Now I was beginning to realise that this was the strangest/scariest April Fool’s Day EVER. In a moment of panic, I dashed to my neighbor’s house and rang the doorbell. They opened the door for me with their baby daughter Zara in her Mom’s arms.

I explained the story to them but to my horror they didn’t believe me. (But at least they offered me some cookies). While they were gone I started to play with Zara. Out of the blue, Zara started speaking. It wasn’t the usual goo goo gaa gaa you’d expect from a 13 month old but proper, fluent English.
And then I heard the words I didn’t want to hear “I was the mastermind behind all of this” Zara said. My eyes were practically popping out of my face when I heard that. 

And no it didn’t end there the worst thing happened out of everything happened today the parents didn’t have any cookies left. I asked if I was in a nightmare or something so I asked them to slap me and I woke by Dan slapping me instead. And him shouting into my ear “April Fools”. 

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