27 Mar / 2020

RATBURGER review by Nicholas 5th Form

I bought RatBurger On Kindle Unlimited a week ago and finished it yesterday. I think the book is very good but not the best book in the David Walliams series. The book is really sad at the start when the hamster died and the backstory of the little girl ( Zoe.) Then she finds a rat who can dance but the mean step mom wants it dead. I think the book was funny and sad but very good. 3 and a half stars. You can see the movie as well link below.

By the way kindle unlimited is free for the first 2 months with loads of really good books to keep us going.

David Walliams is also doing a daily read of some of his work at 11 AM. Which you can find on Youtube. Link below about how to listen to it.
David Walliams Free Audio Books Every Day for your Children

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