25 Mar / 2020

WILL SPORT RESUME IN 2020 By Art 6th Form

Hi my name is Art from 6th class, and I’m here (in my own home) to ask a question: Will organised sports resume during 2020 despite the COVID-19 Pandemic? 

As everyone knows, nearly all professional sports have been suspended, some with scheduled dates to return, some until further notice. Some scientists have theorized that many sports may not return until at least November! Others believe that they will have to be played behind closed doors (with no fans watching).  Many football matches had been played behind closed doors before cancelations. The Olympic Games in Tokyo have been moved to in a year’s time, in the summer of 2021, which is the same as the football (soccer) European Championships. 

Personally, I believe that sport will have resumed by the start of May. Since the Olympics and European Championships have been moved, it puts less pressure on the leagues because they have more time to finish. If that means being played behind closed doors, so be it.

     That concludes my blog article. Bye!

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