25 Mar / 2020

Archery by Paul 6th Form


Field archery is played on a roving course which was set through the woods. There are paper targets ranging from 20 to 80 yards. It is one of the most exciting forms of archery and gives a feel of the old days of hunting.

    Although archery probably dates back to the Stone Age – around 20,000BC – the earliest people known to have regularly used bows and arrows were the Ancient Egyptians, who adopted archery around 3,000BC for hunting and warfare. In China, the earliest evidence of archery dates to the Shang Dynasty – 1766-1027BC.

 The compound bow was invented by Holless Wilbur Allen in the 1960s (a US patent was filed in 1966 and granted in 1969) and it has become the most widely used type of bow for all forms of archery in North America.

Archery at the Olympic Games.

There are 128 qualifying places available for archery at the 2020 Summer Olympics: 64 for men and 64 for women. The qualification standards were released by World Archery in March 2018. Each National Olympic Committee (NOC) is permitted to enter a maximum of six competitors, three per gender.

Archery first appeared in the Olympic Games in 1900 and was contested again in 1904, 1908, and 1920. Women competed in the 1904 Olympics, making archery one of the first sports to include events for both genders. The sport then had a 52-year hiatus from the Olympics.  To be eligible to participate in the Olympic Games after the NOC has obtained a quota place, all archers must have achieved the following minimum qualification score (MQS): Men: 70m round of 640. Women: 70m round of 605.  Ireland have unfortunately not entered anyone in the archery

Today’s best

At the moment, South Korea are the best country in the world at archery whereas the USA have the best archer Brady Ellison. As I said already said, target archery is featured in the Olympics Games as well as the 2020 Olympic games

Why I like it

I like Archery because you need so much skill and so much accuracy.

I hope you like my blog article

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