30 Jan / 2020

All Storm Trooper types and imperial tech By Ross

Hello my name is Ross and today I would like to tell you all about all the storm trooper types in the imperial army Enjoy.

Storm Trooper

The first is the normal storm trooper. You’ll probably remember these from episode IV A New Hope. The imperial storm troopers have green (or black) helmet lenses. The Storm Troopers can carry a thermal detonator in a tube.

Scout Trooper

The Scout Trooper is a trooper that can be used for forest missions or it can ride on speeder bikes. The Scout Trooper can also carry a staff used for fighting opponents with staffs or lightsabers

Aquatic Assault trooper

The Aquatic Assault trooper is just another variant of the scout trooper but with a rifle and with oxygen tanks on its back. It is mainly used in ocean areas

Purge trooper

The Purge trooper is actually another version of the clone wars airborne trooper.  The Purge trooper has 3 variants. The Electrostaff, Electrohammer and the Electrobaton. The Purge Troopers act as guards to Imperial Inquisitors

Imperial Security Droid

The Imperial Security Droid Apart of the KX-series. This droid can do a serious amounts of damage to it’s opponents. The back of this droid has an area where you can hack into it or disable it.

incinerator trooper

The next is the incinerator trooper also known as the flame trooper it carries a flamethrower and wears flame proof armor

Death Trooper

The Death Trooper is an elite battalion of storm troopers who act as guards for officers

Tie fighter pilot

The next is the Tie fighter pilots. These pilots are trained in imperial flight academy’s for pilots. They have a E-11 blaster and fly different variants of Tie’s

Snow trooper

The Snow trooper is a storm trooper that can be used on icy or snowy planet such as Hoth or Ilum/Star killer base (First order era)

At-At Pilot

The At-At pilot is a pilot who controls walkers such as the AT-AT or The AT-ACT

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