9 Jan / 2020

Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List by Aidan & Michael

This is our tier list of the smash bros ultimate (we each did a half the characters).

What is a tier list – how does it work?

A tier list is a way of showing how good you think things are on a certain topic.  We have chosen one of our favourite games, Smash Bros. Smash bros has many different characters that need to be ranked, so we did just that.

Different Characters from most Nintendo games come to battle out in Smash Bros, and we are here to tell you who to pick. 

There are different tiers in a tier list with the best being S tier, and the worst being F tier.

To do a tier list you have to have a lot of pictures on a topic and rank them on a blank tier list.

By the way we are not rating DLC characters because we have not played them.

Aidan’s Tier List
Michael’s Tier List

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