9 Jan / 2020

Road Safety by Jamie

Hi my name is Jamie and I am doing a blog on road safety in Ireland.

Road safety in Ireland is pretty bad in my opinion. In years to come when (hopefully) the world will be better developed the people will be thinking why we had bicycles mixing with metal cars, it’s bonkers if you ask me. If a car is turning to the left and a cyclist is going forward beside it the driver can’t see the cyclist and they both go boom. When its night time it’s even worse. It’s dark so the driver can’t see as clear and he could drift into a cyclist.

How I think it should be fixed

I think Dublin City Council should get a ledge high enough to separate the cyclist from the cars so less accidents happen and more bikes out on the road and less cars. For the pedestrians I think if they are walking with a dog or walking to get something some milk at night they should where a high Vis so they when they are crossing the road the driver can see them clearly.

In conclusion there should be more ledges on bicycle lanes in Ireland to keep cyclists in this country safe forever.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and I hope you understand what I mean to make a safer Ireland.

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