21 Nov / 2019

Samsung S10 by Colemán

My name is Colman and I am going to review the brand new Samsung galaxy s10 plus and tell you about all the specs. The Samsung galaxy screen size is 162.5mm. The phone was released on March 2019. If you want to turn the phone on you simply touch the screen. This phone has a full kit of lenses built into the phone. You can capture the wider world with 123 degree field vision. Power is yours to share wireless power share gives you the ability to share your power with other devices and gets other devices to a 100 percent charged faster. The performance on the Samsung galaxy s10 plus is great the battery on it is great it can last even your most demanding days. It only takes one hour to charge. There is a wireless charging pad which charges faster than any other Samsung galaxy phones. The Samsung galaxy s10 plus has a hybrid sim gives you the flexibility of two numbers you can use two data plans. Share faster and stay connected even in a crowd, you can still hit high speeds in no internet area. It is water and dust resistant.

So in my opinion I would definitely get this phone

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