21 Nov / 2019

Mario Legacy by Milo

Hi! I’m Milo and my blog today will be about the Mario legacy. Mario first came out in 1981. He is shown to be a carpenter and has a pet ape called Donkey Kong or more commonly known as DK. Now onto the relatives.

Mario’s Relatives

Mario’s brother is Luigi and both Mario and Luigi’s dad is Jumpman. Other characters in Mario is the following here à Princess Peach, Yoshi (Yoshi is a weird dinosaur lizard thing) Bowser (another weird dragon lizard thing) Wario, Toad (a weird small person with a mushroom on his head) and Waluigi (Waluigi is Wario’s Brother). Luigi’s wife is princess Daisy. (also Wario is an Evil version of Mario) Now I will explain Mario’s powerup’s (There’s a lot so I will only name a few)

      The powerup’s include

  • Red mushrooms makes him grow, tiny blue makes him well tiny, green gives him an extra life, a mushroom with a propeller makes Mario go into a red suit and he can fly into the air and slowly fall back down, giant orange and red mushrooms makes Mario giant and can destroy ANYTHING in Mario’s way. ANYTHING. Now onto the enemies.

These enemies include

  • (note there’s a lot so again I’m only noting a few) Bob-omb, goomba, bowser, Boo, Bigger Boo, Bullet bill , Koopa,

And that is the end of my blog. All in all I think in my opinion that Mario is a great game (sorry in advance I couldn’t name the games there are so many It would take up probably an entire 2 pages) I hope you enjoyed my blog I think the characters are awesome what do you think?

I hope you enjoyed. Bye!

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