21 Nov / 2019

DC VS MARVEL By Rian and James

By Rian and James

Hi my name is Rian and I’m here with my friend James and we are here to tell you is which is better Dc or marvel not movies   only comics  heroes and villains.

1. The flash or quick silver

So you properly say the flash and you are correct. He is so fast he can go back in time and can phase trough buildings and people. He is the strongest hero in DC universe. Quicksilver is not nearly as fast as the flash or as good of a fighter.

2. Green Arrow or Hawkeye

Green Arrow is a rich dude that have been thought by Deathstroke a master tactician that as beaten the justice league with ease. He can hit a man from three buildings. Hawkeye is an amazing archer but fighting wise Green Arrow has the edge. But in my opinion Hawkeye is better because Green Arrow has trouble trusting people that often leads him to be by himself.       

3. Thanos or Darkseid.

Darkseid have a bigger army and he is more durability more strength and more experience (Darkseid is over 200,000 years old while Thanos is only 1000 years old) Thanos has an army is called the chitauri. The chitauri have a staff that they can shoot from and they can also use them as a mellee for close combat. So in my opinion Darkseid would win in a battel   

4. Green Goblin or Lex Leathor.

Green Goblin is a Halloween themed villain he has pumpkin bombs and a hoverbord in the shape of a bat and the hoverbord has machineguns. Lex Leathor is the main villain to superman Lex Leather has beaten superman before and even killed him he is a rich billion who has made team of the worst villains  in DC history. In my opinion Lex Leathor would win in a battle.


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