21 Nov / 2019

Bread by Eva and Ada

 Hi we are Eva and Ada and we are doing a blog on bread.                           

According to history, the earliest bread was made around 8000 BC in Egypt. It is one of UKs favourite food, 99 % of households buy it. Nearly twelve million loaves are sold each day. Quora in Turkey eats the most bread.

Beer is liquid bread. Bread is alive it is breathing with valiant communities of yeast and bacteria.

The different types of bread are:

Pizza  ,  Banana bread , toast ,

Ciabatta , whole wheat bread ,

Pita , brioche and more

Bread is really nice. Our personal favourite breads are banana bread and pizza. We think that pumpernickel bread is not nice. You can by bread in most shops banana bread was originally made in America. Pizza comes from Italy. Pizza can have different types of toppings but it usually has tomato and cheese on it.

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