7 Nov / 2019

The New M6 Taylor Made Driver by Colmán

Hi my name is Colman and I am reviewing the latest Taylor made driver called the M6 which was released in 2019. The m6 driver has speed injected into the club head and they have red resin screws to dial the speed injection from making the driver illegal.  They have two grams of speed injected into it since that is the maximum to make it legal.

M6 driver has got much better stats against the M5 driver.  The backspin rates with the m5 driver is 2727, compare that to the m6 drivers 2446 so that means your carry distance has gone up plus your total distance has gone up by six yards.

Another great feature about this club is the 460 cc club head so the sweet spot on the club is huge.

The pros of this driver

It’s very forgiving. It looks great and it’s in incredibly easy to hit and offers exceptionally high ball speeds from various strike locations around the sweet spot

The cons of this driver are

The price is high €500, given the lack of adjustability around the hosel.

For some people who don’t know what a speed injected twist face means – it’s going to give you a whole load of extra club speed.

So in my opinion the price would not put me off this driver.

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