7 Nov / 2019

Rugby – The Art of Kicking…By Louis


  1. Line Kicking… When it comes to line kicking the aim is to get the ball from the penalty spot wherever that is then you try to kick the ball from there to touch on the sideline. In my opinion line kicking is an easily mastered but difficulty executed because of the pressure from the fans, pack and manager.professional-grade-rugby-kicking-tee


  1. Goal kicking… When it comes to goal kicking there are two techniques the old more traditional way with flat tee used by Sir Johnny Wilkinson, Dan Carter, Johnny Sexton and Leigh Halfpenny and the newer more popular way the extendable tee used by the likes of Owen Farrell, Beauden Barrett, Joey Carbery and Handre Pollard goal kicking is in my opinion a very hard skill to perfect but when mastered is very effective.


  1. Drop Goals… The Drop Goal is a very hard technique to master because it’s all about timing you must drop the ball let it bounce slightly then make contact with the ball at perfect time to make it sail over the bar it is a lovely skill to have and very helpful in the long run.


  1. Grubber Kick … The grubber kick is less of a tactical kick and more of a skill move to beat a defender you kick it into the ground and let it topple over itself until it bounces up to you in my opinion it’s a nice kill to have but unnecessary.


  1. Spiral Kick … The Spiral kick is a kick where you kick with the outside of the boot into the air to when it bounces it topples over itself ( like a grubber )


  1. The chip… The chip is more of a well-executed plan then a tactical kick all you have to do is kick it over a defender.


  1. Place kicking v.2… To execute a good kick u must point the seam towards the post mark a run up, visualize getting the kick, stay upright, set the ball, follow through and finish two or three step in front of the tee.

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