10 Oct / 2019

Electric guitars by John

Hi is my name John and I love to play electric guitars. Electric guitars are the ultimate instrument when it comes to insane riffs and guitar solos. Some say they are the hearth of the rock and roll universe.

The best are said to be:

  • The Fender Stratocaster
  • The fender style Telecaster
  • The Les Paul
  • SG Style
  • The Woods

While the Guitars are the center of attention the amps are important too whether it’s the good old vox or the latest Marshall.

There are plenty of places you can get everything you need for a rocking guitar such as the guitar center or just your guitar store around the corner. Other options include making one. Brian Mays first electric guitar was made from things he and his dad found around the house.

Guitar is made from 12 different sections these are:

  • Tuning Pegs,
  • The Nut,
  • The Fretboard,
  • The Cutway,
  • The Pick Guard,
  • The pickups,
  • The Bridge,
  • The Pickup Selector Switch,
  • The Volume/Tone Knobs,
  • Output Jack

The best guitarist in my opinion are:

  • Van Halen,
  • Brian May,
  • Rory Gallaher,
  • Jimi Hendrix,
  • Jack White,
  • Ritchie Blackmore,
  • Steve Vai,
  • Randy Rhoads,
  • Angus Young,
  • Kirk Hammett,


Guitars are beloved instruments in my opinion, clearly I’m not alone with this thought Rory Gallaher only ever played the one guitar he didn’t even want to change the Tuning pegs. As a result of this only he could tune it.

In my opinion the best solos in guitar solos in guitar history are:

  • Bohemian rhapsody, Brian May,
  • Smoke on the water, Ritchie Blackmore,
  • Stairway to heaven, Led Zeppelin,

There are thousands of guitar stores across the world. It could be most famous being the guitar centre or just the guitar store around the corner either way in my opinion guitars are the best instrument in the world.






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