10 Oct / 2019

Apple watch series 4 By Eva and Ada

The price

The lowest price of an apple watch series 4 is €439 in Harvey Norman. The price of a leather strap is €65 black or brown.


The apple series 4 can be used to call and text people and it can check your heart rate. It can also tell you how many steps you have done. You can play games on it and check the weather and of course you can see the time.  You can look at your photos from your phone on it and more.

Design and display

The apple watch series 4 comes in two sizes 40mm and 44mm and also has a 30 percent larger display than any other apple watch. The apple watch comes in three aluminum finishes.

I think that the Apple watch is good but I think that it is a bit too expensive. In my opinion I think that the Apple watch series 4 should be about €200. But it is pretty cool and I think it would last a long time. Now out is the apple watch series 5, it might be a bit more in style but I assure you the price just keeps getting higher and higher and I think you would be better off getting a cheaper model. And what’s the harm of getting a watch only a small bit less advanced.

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