20 Sep / 2018

iPhone Xr review by Michael H

The iPhone Xr is the cheapest out of the bunch, it is €645 and comes with the best single lens camera and best LCD display called liquid retina. It will come in yellow, red, blue, black and white colours.

It is one of the first cameras to use true tone to this extent, it will let you blur and focus the background or subject after you take the shot. This phone has no home button like the iconic iPhone X but still has that awkward notch.

What I love about the iPhone Xr is that it comes in so many vibrant colours and is dubbed the iPhone Xc, but unlike the C models this phone has a glass back and can wirelessly charge like recent models.

All in all, this is my favourite iPhone so far, it is cheap and affordable, easy to use and functions well with a max of 246 GB with the new apple A12 bionic chip.

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