13 Sep / 2018

The Thundermans By Ellie 6th form

Their first episode was on October 14, 2013.  They have made 98 episodes in total.  There are 4 seasons. The Thundermans have superpowers, who try to live normal lives in the fictional town of Hiddenville.  The Thundermans is an American comedy television series created by Jed Spingarn that aired on Nickelodeon. On Nickelodeon every Monday there is a brand new Thundermans all leading up to the thundergames week.  Unfortunately, this means the last episodes ever are approaching and we will be saying goodbye to Hiddenvillehigh. I can`t wait for it.

  • Kira Kosarin as Phoebe Thunderman
  • Jack Griffo as Max Thunderman
  • Addison Riecke as Nora Thunderman
  • Diego Velazquez as Billy Thunderman
  • Chris Tallman as Hank Thunderman
  • Rosa Blasi as Barb Thunderman
  • Maya Le Clark as Chloe Thunderman




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