7 Dec / 2017

Nerf Regulator by Edwin

A few weeks ago, I made an article, BEST NERF GUNS.  I realized that I missed an amazing nerf gun. It’s called the nerf Modulous Regulator. It has switch fire, which means that you can choose to shoot semi auto, three round burst or full auto. Because it is a Modulous it comes with different attachments. It comes with a stock which can hold a clip, it comes with two twelve round clips, two barrels witch double as a scope, and a handle. It is in my opinion perfect for anyone. The full auto is as fast as the Hyperfire. When you are out of ammo a light flashes for fifteen seconds.  After I remembered this gun, this, is the best nerf gun in the world in my opinion.

Here is an advert for the regulator.


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