7 Dec / 2017

Headphones – should you pay the price? Emilio

There are many headphones on the market, cheap and expensive. The question is, are €300 headphones worth the money?

Beats, Bose, Sennheiser and B&O are popular expensive headphone manufacturers. On average, these headphones come at around €150- €300, which is a lot of money to spend for an audio device. At the price of these headphones, you get spectacular audio, comfortability and noise cancelling which means you cannot really hear any noise that is not coming from your headphones.

Cheap headphones (€20- €40) are not comfortable. The cheapest of the cheap do not fit around your ear and after a long time of wearing (2-4 hours) start to cause a pain in your ear. €40 headphones do fit around the ear but are definitely not as comfortable as €50+ and the quality feels like a cheap plastic. The headphone quality is decent but you cannot compare it with expensive headphones, which sound clear with no crackling whatsoever.

To finish off, I think you should only get expensive headphones if you really care about audio quality. If you want decent headphones, get €50 ones because they are quite comfortable and have good audio quality. In my opinion, cheap headphones are not worth the money and you should push a bit to get the slightly more expensive ones.

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