30 Nov / 2017

Google Home Mini by Lochlan

The Google Home Mini is Google’s newest household accessory. It can broadcast videos and can search google. It can play your music playlists and can record contestations. It has smart AI that can tell you the time, weather and it is available in 3 different colours chalk, charcoal and coral and the roughly textured fabric that wraps around the top of the speaker looks great. It’s a lot Ikea-home friendly than the rather utilitarian Echo Dot. The google home mini can control all of your other third-party devices. It costs €49, which is €80 cheaper than the google home. You can’t swap colours or base textures like you can with the original but it makes up for this slight disappointment with touch controls to the right and left, which allow you to control volume, and four pinprick LEDs that light up in the centre to indicate the volume and activity. (This used to be a touchpad, but Google had to get rid of that feature because of a bug that would leave the device constantly eavesdropping on you.)  It is a product worth keeping your eye on and other companies may be making their own versions.

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