16 Nov / 2017

Steam trading cards By Jim McDermott

Steam trading cards are virtual cards for the gaming platform steam. Its beta began on May 15, 2013 and ended on June 26, 2013. There are also emoticons, profile backgrounds, and badges all of which can be sold to other users via the steam community market. There are also steam trading card booster packs, which have three in each set. When a user has every card in a set they can make a badge out of it which gives you some XP an emoticon a profile background and a discount on a game. There are six badges in a card set, 5 normal badges and 1 foil badge, foil badges require every foil card in a set, which you can get by a booster pack or just buying in from the market.

In my opinion steam trading cards are really cool I love spending some money on my steam wallet to finish a set and get some XP and card drops encourage players to play more, free to play games need you to spend money on it to get card drops which I don’t see problems with. Emoticons are fun to use in chat and profile backgrounds are cool to decorate your profile with. All steam trading card bonuses are very cheap which is good.


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