16 Nov / 2017


Now at first you might not know what a model is, first, you get it in a box and it comes in pieces, what you have to do is take the pieces out, you can sometimes buy a model that already has paint and glue in the box.  You have to use the materials you have to make the item you bought, for example, you can buy models of many things like, statues, ships, planes, cars and many more cool ideas. It reached its peak in the 1990’s.

There are many difficulty levels for model vehicles , you have snap together models (which is basically just Lego except slightly different with a different logo). Then there’s the advanced ones which are the hardest ones where you need special tools and this type of cheap small cement to build. Finally when you finish the model vehicle you bought you can put on display for something to be proud of or play with it or if it’s a plane you can hang it on top of your ceiling.

I really enjoy making these vehicles because it is very fun and exciting , but recently model vehicles have started to decrease in popularity and many stores have started to get rid of some of the space they have that are for models , for the newer stuff like videogames, game consoles and other things.

I hope models never go out of fashion since it’s just so fun when you’re about to finish your model vehicle and how you can just be proud of knowing that you made the model vehicle, or you could play with it or even get a background for it and try and create a battle scene.

Thank you for reading my thoughts on model vehicles and I highly recommend it so thanks for reading Goodbye!

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