16 Nov / 2017


The Air Hogs Hypertrax is a remote control, all terrain, vehicle. It comes in three different colours, red and black, green and silver, blue and orange. It takes eight double A batteries in the controller. The car doesn’t take batteries, so you might wonder how it works. Well, you charge the car with the controller. There is a cable in the controller that you pull out so you can charge on the go. The car can flip over and still drive. The car isn’t big but it is durable. It can fall and still work perfectly however it isn’t waterproof. If you want to buy one you can either search shops in America or go on Amazon/Ebay. If you want to buy it on Amazon or Ebay you will have to pay more than twice the price. The original price is €32, but most shops in America do not sell them anymore. If you want to buy it now it would cost €70 minimum. I have been playing with it for the past two weeks and I love it. It is great fun to drive and it can go up hills. I think the money is worth it. It is all terrain and that in my opinion is the best part about it. The one bad thing about it is that I can’t put it down.


Here is a video to watch.

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  1. Eimhinn herbots

    thanks now I know why everyone love it and I loved what you said about air hogs hypertrax thanks bye

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