26 Oct / 2017

Virtual Reality by Andrew Morgan

 As you all probably know, the VR (virtual reality) headset is where you can become a character, walk around in some sort of place or climate and play games in some arcade amusement park etc.  It’s technology is top class and I think it is very entertaining and fun to play and do. The price may be high enough, but it’s so worth the price.

Personally in my opinion the VR headset is one of the best things that ever happened to technology.  When you are bored with nothing to do, well suddenly there is something to do!  Why not just throw on your VR headset to keep you entertained?  The best two VR headsets in my opinion are the ps4 and classic good old VR headsets. The price tag on the ps4 VR headset is $350-$400. It might be a lot, but it’s not “that expensive”. The classic is priced from $20-$800. Okay, maybe no one is going to buy the $800 VR unless you are a wealthy, rich person, or you are a famous enough gaming youtuber. But on the other hand you can buy a cheap  one for your phone that is still decent enough for only $20.

Now I know what you all are probably thinking, ”where do you buy these VR headsets?”.  Really all you have to do is type in VR headsets or phone VR headsets or ps4 VR headsets.  Really just type a VR headset up and you can buy one.

You might find yourself or your child saying “Mummy please can we go to the amusement” or typically without the “please” when you could just through on your VR headset? That’s right the answer to that situation is “what about your VR headset?” That’s how you save money because you could do a roller coaster map on your VR headset.

The VR headset is less worry, less hassle and so much more fun. So listen to me when I say this, YOU NEED TO GET ONE!!! If you like marvel, be marvel superhero. If you like Mario, be a Mario character. It’s that simple. So go and get one of your very own VR headsets.

4 Replies to “Virtual Reality by Andrew Morgan”

  1. milo campbell

    it’s SO cool i have seen youtubers do it and it look’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME it’s like your in a real place and you can do the stuff that the worker’s would do and i REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! want one.

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