26 Oct / 2017

The great white shark by Hugo Blanchfield (12)

All sharks have amazing abilities but there is one shark that has all of these improvements. The great white shark has the speed the strength the reflexes and lots more. This shark lives in California, Japan, south Africa, Australia and the Mediterranean sea.  These predators can grow up to 4.6m in length.  The most amount of teeth that a great white has are 300 super sharp teeth. At birth the baby shark will already be about 5 feet ( 1 .5 meters) long as it grows it may reach a length up to four times that. The shark will now live its life at the top of the oceans food chain

22 Replies to “The great white shark by Hugo Blanchfield (12)”

  1. that’s a lot of teeth and they use the great white shark fin’s to make shark fin soup and they leave the shark’s to die

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