26 Oct / 2017

My opinion on Apple and other modern phones By Emilio Sadofschi (11)

Apple products are incredibly overpriced and many of the features they have are unnecessary.  Their buyers do not understand that Apple’s products do not change much from each phone and that they could get a lot more by buying an Android phone for a cheaper price.  The things they do change are not too necessary.  For example, Face ID.  In my opinion, the iPhone 6s is the best iPhone considering the price and the performance.  The size is good and it has all the necessary things that a phone should have.  You can call, text, download apps, buy music and more.  I do not understand why people waste their money on a $1000 phone when they could do the same things as a phone that is $600 cheaper.  They added glass at the back of the iPhone 8, there is wireless charging and they removed Touch ID for Face ID.  Now tell me, what was the point of these new features?

Personally, I would take the iPhone 6 over the S6 and the S7.  I would take the S8 over the iPhone 7 and 8.  It has a clean look and it is nearly bezel-less.  It is not incredibly overpriced and has more features.  Two bad things about it are the positioning of the Bixby button and the fingerprint scanner.  If they changed these button’s locations I think their next phone would be a perfect phone.

Apple have to fix the new iOS 11 for many of their phones.  IOS 11 has made phones like the 6S or even the 7 slower.  It has also made the battery-life of these phones very short.  Many iPhone users are complaining about how iOS 11 has made their phone slower.  They should change this as quickly as possible so many of their users do not switch to another phone.  If we think about it, they might not fix these because it could make users of older iPhones buy the newer ones that run faster.

You may think technology is improving for phones but I think that they are starting to remove features because there is not much they can add.  The iPhone 7 and Google Pixel 2 have removed their headphone jack, which in my opinion is a huge disadvantage.  It is very easy to lose these wireless headphones and if you want to buy them you will have to pay a great amount of money.

Hopefully, someday, Apple users discover that there are way better phones out there for a cheaper price and learn about all the money they’ve wasted.

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