19 Oct / 2017

Warhammer 40k Miniatures

are made by Games Workshop©

Warhammer 40k is a fun strategy board game with different races (e.g. Space Marines, Eldars, T’au, Plague Marines and more!) Different ranks and different abilities. To get started you must get the Warhammer Rulebook and codexes. Then you must get some paints, army painter and citadel provide a large array of paints and sprays. Then you buy the miniatures from the different races, which are not cheap. Me, I bought some space marines for an army. There are also different painting techniques such as base coating, drybrushing, layering, glazing and shading etc. The figurines must stand out in the army with different ranks such as general, Reiver, Intercessor, HQ and you can also get vehicles such as tanks, motorbikes and aircrafts.

The reason I love Warhammer is because when you start painting you put in a lot of effort and time and the army starts standing out and looks great. And for nerds like me you can see the battles of the army in your head raging.

Tips and Tricks

Now you know what Warhammer 40,000 is let’s move on to tricks

  • Try painting different armies so you have more of a selection for battle.
  • Please prime your models with sprays or imperial primer paint or else your models will look without life and dull.
  • If you are using dark blue or a darker shade of green then spray it with Chaos black/imperial primer. However, if it is a yellow or a bright colour use Corax white.

So now you are familiar with the 40k universe what, are you waiting for? Start painting! If you want more info on the game, go to the creator’s online webstore, it is called Games Workshop or visit your local Warhammer/ Games workshop store!

BY: Zakaria Chabaane

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  1. Zakaria Chabaane

    Thanks for the support guys I will continue painting
    and hopefully you will also try painting an army or two

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