19 Oct / 2017


Rev (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles) is a company that makes Bluetooth cars. With the cars, you can battle against a CPU or a friend. A pack comes with two cars, one white and blue and the other black and red. You can play Campaign (like levels in a game) to get stronger weapons, guns and health packs. In a battle, you can play with up to 16 cars. The cars are battery powered and take four batteries each. The battery can last up to 4 hours depending on what batteries you put in. You can buy a ramp for the cars and if you’re playing with a CPU, the CPU can also go on the ramp because it has sensors. The company also makes drones and the pack comes with a special car. I don’t know if the car that comes with the drone can go on the ramp.

In my opinion, it is great fun to play with the vehicles Rev makes.

This is a video for the rev cars


Here is a video of the drones


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  1. Lambolover

    there are also rechargeable battery packs as well as the ramp. both are $40 each

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