19 Oct / 2017

IPhone X

Super Retina Screen

The iPhone X‘s Super Retina Screen is, in my opinion a mixed bag. On the plus side, it does make viewing videos a brand new and cool experience. On the down side though, it takes away the unique home button of the previous iPhone models.  Another downside to the Super Retina Screen is how to access the home menu. With previous iPhone models you simply pressed the home the home button and voila! I feel like too many iPhone users are used to the home button, but with this model, that familiarity is gone.

True depth camera

The IPhone x’s True depth camera in pretty amazing. It holds sophisticated cameras and sensors, which bring many cool new features. Thanks to these sensors, the IPhone x can be unlocked with facial ids. They have included cool new selfie lighting effects, which can really change the atmosphere. One of the biggest newly included features is animoji. The sensors and cameras read your facial expression and match them with a panda, cat, alien, unicorn and rabbits in 3D emoji’s. You can also send them in text and you do not need an IPhone x to receive them. Finally, there is clips, a free app that allows you to make cool videos.

A11 Bionic

A11 Bionic up to four efficiency cores that are 70 per cent faster than the A10 fusion chip (the IPhone 7s chip) and two performance cores that are up to 25 per cent faster.

The neutral engine is the A11 Bionic chip is a dual-core design that recognises people and objects. This is what makes animoji and Facial ID possible.

With A11 bionic, AR games have reached a new level.

Metal 2 is Apple-designed graphics software that lets developers build console-style games. The GPU in A11 Bionic is optimised for these new, immersive 3D games and AR experiences.


Overall, in our opinion, the iPhone X has many new and cool features, such as the True depth camera, Super retina screen and A11 bionic dual core chip, make the iPhone X a unique model, for the time being. Though, and this is a very crucial point, they have taken away the unique home button which made the iPhone….the iPhone. These unique features will bring many new opportunities to the mobile industry.


By Kazim Haider and Lochlan Flynn

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